Direct Distribution

Direct Distribution, registered in Slovenia in 2018, is conceived as a European distribution center for brands such as Defender, Redragon and Gerat. Based on the company’s ten-year experience of legitimate as M-Power LLP in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a bold step has been made to take our business activities oversea for the purpose of reaching as many end users as possible. After hewing gained unmeasurable experience, knowledge and skills, to handle issues with distribution, Direct Distribution, a subsidiary of M-Power LLP, will keep the mother company’s business policy intact which is strictly based on the philosophy of honesty, openness and mutual benefit. We manage a supply chain with at least 12 factories in China and Taiwan, guaranteeing a competitive advantage in quality, cost, delivery in order to achieve the maximum speed and efficiency of working with our customers. 


All the products, offered by our company, are produced in factories, which are certified according to international quality standards with modernized technologies, high European standards and excellent level of service.

The mission of Direct Distribution is to create the shortest chain between manufactures and the final customers globally, and as a matter of benefit, reduce the retail value of goods with a significant level of profitability for our partners.