A variety of Defender goods is not just a nice figure of speech: there are more than six hundred models in active assortment now. Continuous qualitative broadening of product range is our way to answer market challenges and to meet customers' demands.

Our products make work with PC and mobile devices pleasant, diversify entertaining activities and bring comfort to travels. We seek for the best solutions to our customers' needs; even solutions that sometimes could not be expected to solve problems that may seem inevitable from the first sight.

Friendly and functional – that's the principle underlying all our developments. Defender products are things everyone understands. They are created for different purposes and for different personalities but each product do what it is intended for: the mouse moves the cursor, the automatic voltage regulator protects equipment, the keyboard allows to type – but, yes, each and every product does its job perfectly! One of the illustrations to this fact is the amount of awards to Defender products.

GERAT is aggressively growing aftermarket auto parts distributor company in Central Asia. GERAT company places it’s orders for production on the best manufacturing facilities in China and other countries, which correspond all international quality standards (ISO, TUV, ECE, AMECA and etc.). Manufacturing facilities of GERAT company are official OEM suppliers of worldwide known automotive corporations (GM, Hyundai, Nissan, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, Peugeot, BMW, Mercedes and others), as well as aftermarket parts brands (Bosch, Mann, Mahle, TRW, ACDelco, Delphi, Textar, Denso, Magneti Marelli and others).